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Build an All-Wood Landing Gear for a Model Airplane

May 02, 2015

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Airfield Models ( a Wood-Composite Landing Gear for a Model Aircraft

This is a complete rewrite of an article posted several years ago.  When I began building the landing gear featured in that article I didn't believe it would actually work so documentation of the procedures involved were more of a very brief overview than a how-to article.  I called it an "all-wood" landing gear but it's actually a wood/fiberglass composite landing gear.

That landing gear is still going after withstanding unreasonably hard landings, really rough fields and life under water.  It fell from the model in flight one day, landed in a swamped area and lived there until the ground dried enough to retrieve the gear.

Several weeks later the gear delaminated in one of the upper bends.  I repaired it using thin CA.  It's held up since then but has a slight gimp.

I don't believe a durability test for any part of a flying model aircraft should include being submerged in a swamp unless, perhaps, the model is built to operate from them.  As far as I'm concerned the gear is proven.

My current model wants a wood landing gear and I want my new model to be happy so I made her one.  This time I took a lot of new photos to more realistically show what goes into making one of these. 

The finished landing gear will keep it's shape when removed from the form. The first gear was built for Rustik.  It's endured some hard landings and life in a swamp.  It's now in use on My Stik 30.  After many years of use it now has a little bit of a gimp due to it delaminating after retrieval from the swamp.

In this series

  1. Introduction

  2. Designing the Landing Gear

  3. Building the Form

  4. Preparing the Blanks

  5. Laminating the Landing Gear

  6. Trimming, Sanding and Adding Axles



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