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Tips for Building a Flying Model Aircraft

May 05, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Building Tips

These pages are primarily intended for modelers who build flying model aircraft from scratch or from kits.  Tips are arranged as follows.  Keep in mind that many of these tips could fit multiple categories.

Also be sure to look at the How-To's for more tips.

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Patience and Building Time

When scratch-building a model, this is roughly how my time breaks down across the project.  This assumes the plans are ready to use so I am counting only the time required to actually build the model.

Planning When scratch building, planning is part of the design process.  When building from a kit (or plans), reading the instruction, reviewing the plans, laying out the radio and engine installation and other modifications amounts to 5-10% of the time spent on the project.
Parts fabrication ~ 15 - 20%
Aligning, fitting and adjusting parts ~ 25%
Radio/Engine installation and adjustment ~ 5 - 10%
Gluing ~ 2%
Prep for finish and finishing ~ 40 - 50%


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