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Contruction Materials used in Model-Building

May 02, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Materials for Model Aircraft Building

Models are built from a variety of materials.  I believe one of the most valuable things about a model-builder (and the most under-appreciated by the general public) is the knowledge a modeler has regarding the use of various construction materials.

For example, the average model probably uses a dozen or more different materials, a handful of adhesives and several other components that all must be properly selected and fastened in place by the builder.

Model-builders are the MacGyvers of the world.  They can fix anything or make something beautiful from things most people would throw away.

The traditional materials for flying models are wood products.  History isn't my strong point, but as I understand it balsa wood wasn't widely used in model building until some point between WWI and WW II.  Prior to that the primary building material was bamboo.

Store wood laying flat to reduce bowing and warpage.Bamboo has pretty much faded away from being a popular construction material but is still used by some builders.

If you plan to build then you should make as many parts as you can.  You will know what they're for, what you made them of and why you made them that way.

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