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Guidelines for Posting Interview Questions

May 05, 2015

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Airfield Models ( for Submitting Interview Questions

If you would like to submit a question for an interview, then please read the following guidelines:

  • An interview is not intended to be an advice column.  In other words, "how-to" questions should be avoided.

    The goal is to learn as much as possible about the person being interviewed and their views related to modeling.

  • To help reduce redundant questions, please read the questions already posted before asking yours.  If there is a question posted that you would like to elaborate on, feel free to do so.

  • You may ask as many questions as you want.

Question Ranking

  1. Questions about our guest being interviewed.

  2. Questions about our guest's projects and their views regarding the model-building hobby.

  3. General advice and all other questions come last.

All submissions are subject to editing or deletion at the discretion of the webmaster.



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