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May 02, 2015

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Airfield Models (! Flight Videos

As of this writing Thwing! still has low flight time.  In fact, we haven't even established the correct Center of Gravity yet.

These videos demonstrate Thwing! during her teething.

Thwing! Maiden Flight Video
(5 Mb)
This video picks up about 5 minutes into the maiden flight.  The flight began with me hand-launching and Mike at the controls.

The model had too much reflex (up) in the elevons and climbed rapidly.  I added down trim while Mike flew.

Once the model was trimmed for straight and level the model was very smooth flying with no bad habits.


(6.7 Mb)
Prior to the day these videos were shot Thwing! didn't have a lot of flight time.  She was damaged when the motor pulled out of the mount.  The repair is detailed here.

Not long after the model blew off a table which broke the firewall and cracked the cowl.  This is the first flight following the second repair.


(10.3 Mb)

Large Version of same video
(24.5 MB)

* Recommended *

Video updated 07/09/2006

This is the second flight on the same day as the previous video.  Mike was obviously having a lot of fun flying her.  In my opinion this is the most entertaining of all the Thwing! videos to date.

When I'm taping I'm not so much paying attention to what the model is doing so much as trying to keep it in the view finder.  That's a good thing because had I actually been paying attention I probably would have had a heart attack when I saw Mike put Thwing! into a 360 roll at 6' altitude.

Thwing! survived and I've almost forgiven Mike.


(17.3 Mb)
The third flight of the day was mine.  It's the first time I've flown Thwing! for an entire flight and with no modesty I don't mind telling you that it's a wonderful flying model.  Although we have been buzzing the field a lot, the model will also fly more slowly while staying rock solid in the air.

In any case, this was not my flight.  This is the fourth flight of the day.  My flight (3rd) and the last flight were not filmed.



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