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Thwing! - Radio Control Delta Flying Wing

November 08, 2007

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This page has 9 comments.

Glenwood, GA
Posted:December 2nd, 2011
12.34 AM
I love this article and the plane is great. I especially like the lattice work on the wing. Have you ever drawn up a set of plane? I would love to have a set if you have.

Oakland, NJ
Posted:October 10th, 2011
11.09 AM
You are a very funny dude. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and look forward to more hopefully.
Posted:October 28th, 2007
1.29 PM
Can you control drift with winglets? i believe so.

 Bill Gaston
South Texas
Posted:August 27th, 2007
1.10 PM
This is a great job of photography and the construction sequence is top notch. Congratulations on this article.

You used the same construction (lattice) as a full-sized airplane located in Eloy, Arizona. The builder/owner operates the "Happi Engine Co." The particular latticed winged plane is a two-placed Volkswagon powered monoplane. He gave me a 30 minute ride on the 5th of July 1994 in Eloy. The best thing his Volks-powered plane does is to land and takeoff in a short distance. So the slightly rough airfoil works well. I think it is the induced turbulence that does it. Lots of free-flights have several turbulence spars at the front of the wing. It works!
Akron, Ohio
Posted:August 28th, 2006
6.39 PM
I've always said it takes a BOLD man to cover his plane with transparent monokote, few can do it... Paul your one of the Few.... Looks great, and looks like it flies even better.
Hawkesbury, Canada
Posted:July 14th, 2006
4.07 AM
I really like the updated photos Paul. Very nice indeed!
Hawkesbury, Canada
Posted:September 22nd, 2004
10.12 PM
Absolutely outstanding craftsmanship. What an incredible design as well. The way you present your work in your photography is also very well done and clearly communicates the detail of your creation. I imagine your work was quite time consuming but the result is quite an achievement.

Continued success!
Preston, MD
Posted:August 10th, 2004
12.02 AM
Great work, Paul!

VERY interesting structure. It is great to see different design and construction methods. I would imagine (as you said) it is very strong regarding torsionally-applied loads. Plus, it looks like a blast to fly! Please let us know if you produce plans for the Thwing!
Keep up the excellent work!

Al Parry
Aeroglass R/C Flight Academy
South Wales, UK
Posted:August 9th, 2004
4.08 PM
This has to be one of the most incredible models I have seen in a long time.....So where do I get a copy of the plans????? Price doesnt matter I just have to have a go at building a Thwing!!!!

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