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May 02, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Flight Videos

Once again, Mike Phillips is at the controls while I try to figure out how to shoot decent video.

These videos were taken on the second day of flight tests.

To this point, the plane has been trimmed for straight and level flight and one center of gravity adjustment has been made.

Additionally, the engine is not broken in yet.  Months of trimming and dialing in are in Rustik's future.

Rustik Flight Video
(2.9 MB)
A quick walk-around while Rustik waits to take off.
Rustik Maiden Flight Video Clip
(7.4 MB)
This video was 90% blue sky with no airplane in it.  I was so involved prepping Rustik for her maiden flight that I never prepped the camera and I had it set wrong.

What you will see is Rustik on the table, taxiing, its first take-off run (the best part of the video) and a little very blurry flying.  The rest was cropped out.

Rustik Flight Video
(3.4 MB)
This was Rustik's second flight.  The engine dropped power after take-off.  Mike brought her around immediately for a very nice landing.
Rustik Flight Video
(6.5 MB)
The engine was tuned much better for Rustik's third flight.  Mike starts to put her through her paces with some gentle aerobatics.
Rustik Aborted Take-Off
(2.9 MB)
An aborted take-off due to loss of power again.  There is not a fundamental problem with the engine or fuel system.  The engine needs more break-in time and still is not tuned properly.

Mike always exercises good judgment and will immediately abort a take-off run that he's not happy with.  More often than not, pilots will force a bad situation to get into the air.  This is a good example of what they should do instead.

Rustik Flight Video
(18.3 MB)
Mike is starting to push her a little harder, but still nothing extreme.

This video and the next combined to make Rustik's last flight of the day and the first time I flew her.  All the video is of Mike flying, however.

Rustik Flight Video
(13.0 MB)
We played with the Crow a little and found it works very well, although I would like to increase the throws a bit and see if the plane can slow down even more.

Something Mike told me about crow is that an aircraft can be put in a near vertical dive and then set up for landing as he demonstrates in this video.  The same dive would have caused Rustik to pick up way too much speed to land if the plane did not have a crow configuration.

Rustik flies very smoothly.  She has nice handling qualities, a gentle stall and is incredibly easy to land which is a good thing because I do not fully trust the landing gear yet.  So far no problems, however.

The way Mike lands a plane the wooden landing gear will hold up forever.  In my hands, it is a different story.  I am the master of the splatter landing so only time will tell if the gear can handle my kind of abuse.

This flight was 13 minutes and when I disassembled the model I found that the 8 ounce fuel tank was over half full.  The model is still a little nose-heavy, so the 8 ounce tank will be replaced with a 6 ounce and possibly a 4 ounce eventually.



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