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September 15, 2017

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Airfield Models ( Philosophy

I've never believed in "Starter Sets" nor do I believe in something a company I used to work for did as standard business practice sell for a low price initially and then yank their customers on stuff they knew the customer would come back for later.  They thought that was funny.

I believe any fixture set you purchase should be fully functional as is.  And as I've stated elsewhere on this page you can always create a custom set.  You aren't stuck with my stock sets if none of them meet your needs.

I know that most of my customers have zero experience using magnetic fixturing systems and the last thing I want is for you to purchase a bunch of expensive stuff you will never use.  You'll only resent it.  That's bad for you and bad for me.

So while most companies will give you a discount when you buy a bunch of stuff together but charge you list price for accessories later, I don't operate that way.

You not only get a discount when you initially purchase your fixture set, you will always get at least that discount on all accessories you purchase from me for your system in the future.  That way you don't get punished for not knowing you needed something and you don't have to speculate on what you might need later to use a system you have no experience with.

What you need to do to

If you have ordered from me in the past and are placing another order your discount is not automatic.  It will come as a refund from me.  You will need to contact me to inform me you have placed another order and are a prior customer.  I'll look up your past order to see what your discount was, calculate what you should have paid for the stuff you just purchased and issue you a refund.





I will replace anything you purchase from me for 60 days (or longer even - I'm a reasonable person, not a robotic voice who utters, 'Sorry, that's my policy' instead of talking to you.).

Please inspect everything carefully when you receive it.

  • It must be in original condition - unaltered and no finish applied.  I will not replace parts that have a finish applied.
  • I will not replace parts that are not returned.



All stock fixture sets are discounted 5% from purchasing the items separately (not counting additional magnets if you select them).  All sets will receive an additional discount at checkout along with anything else you purchase as follows:

Using the Standard Fixture Set as an example this is how it works out.

If you purchased everything separately the price would be $263.25.  The set is discounted 5% making the price $250.00.  It then receives an additional 7% discount at checkout making the final price $232.50 depending on how the numbers round off.

Purchase Amount Discount
$100.00 - $249.99 5%
$250.00 - $399.99 7%
$400.00 - $549.99 9%
$550.00 - $699.99 11%
$700.00 - $849.99 13%
$850.00 + 15%


As of 4-1-2017 - Amazon Store is Closed!

Amazon has terminated the service I was using to sell my Fixture systems.  Their new service does not begin to meet my needs.  It's a lot of work and not worth the effort to migrate to the new service.

At this time I have a professional constructing an online store for me.  The completion date is unknown but it should be up and running in just a few weeks.

Until then I can use the new Amazon service for individual orders.  If you would like to purchase one of my stock fixture sets or a custom fixture set then email me the details of what you want and I can create an invoice for you to pay through Amazon.  If you don't know what you want then I'm happy to help with that as well.




  • I strive to ship every order by the next business day after the payment is received.  The volume of orders has increased to the point where it has become more difficult to absolutely keep that promise - particularly for orders received Fri-Sun which means a lot of orders to ship on Monday.  So I will do the very best I can but all I can definitely promise is shipping within 3 days.

  • Please contact me for international orders and shipping rates.

  • There is a 20 pound weight limit on overseas shipping.  All sets are under this limit but can exceed it if additional items are added particularly magnets which weigh 5 pounds per 100.

Shipping Rates

Magnets are very heavy.  The absolutely least expensive shipping method is US Postal Service Flat Rate Priority Mail.  Nothing else even comes close.  To give you an idea, my Standard Fixture Set used to cost upwards of $25.00 to ship from here in Florida to the Midwest using the least expensive shipping method.  That took 3-5 days to arrive.

Flat rate at this time costs $13.45 and takes 2-3 days to arrive.

I promise you that I have no interest in making a profit on shipping.  Based on my best guess and experience these are my shipping rates.  If your order costs more to ship than you were charged then that's my problem.  If it costs less then I will refund the difference after the order ships when I send your shipment notification.

Purchase Amount Shipping
Up to $75.00 $7.15
$75.01 - $450.00 $13.60
$450.01 - $800.00 $18.85
$800.01+ $26.00
Massive order We'll talk

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