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How to Silk a Model Aircraft Wing

November 08, 2007

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This page has 3 comments.

Crowley, Texas 76036
Posted:December 4th, 2009
4.48 PM
This is the most excellent, in-depth, and informative how-to I have ever seen for covering model airplane wings with silk. Besides that, the author has a sense of humor. Keep up the great work! Thanks.
New Jersey
Posted:December 3rd, 2009
12.18 AM
Your article on silking got me to try it. I bought 10 yards of the very light white silk you used and some heavier yellow and green. I had some Brodak dope, but not enough so I got two gallons of clear Randoff dope. I built a preproduction Scoundrel kit and doped it. I was a little nervous about covering it with wet silk, I mixed some dope with water and got a whiteish plastic, so I covered it dry. For a first try it came out OK, nothing like the quality of your work, but OK for me. I'm glade I covered it in silk and dope because the diesel loads it up with goop, if it was flim covered edges woulld be coming up ever where. Here's a link to my plane,
Denver CO
Posted:October 26th, 2009
3.01 PM
Have you tried SIG Stix-it to adhere the silk?

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