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Microlux Tilting Arbor Table Saw

November 08, 2007

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toronto, canada
Posted:November 6th, 2010
12.34 PM
Not easy but CAN BE adjusted. I've done it myself and here is how:
 Robert Grisso
Posted:December 11th, 2008
2.25 PM
I would like to inform people interested in purchasing the Microlux saw that it it a bill of goods. I have owned many table saws and have many years experience using them. The reason I say this is that this saw does not have a way to calibrate the miter grove to the say blade (the first and most inportant calibration you must make to a table saw. There is not provision for this adjustment since the table to saw blade relationship is fixed with no adjustment availabe. Now I ask you? Who would design a saw like this much less sell it to the public.

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