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Great Planes Tutor Park Flyer

November 08, 2007

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This page has 3 comments.

 Alfredo Marquez Claussen
Mexico City
Posted:June 19th, 2008
10.29 PM
Excelent article Paul, a truly informative review of the kit, its shortcommings and very good upgrades. The selection of trim colors (covering) is very attractive indeed, congrats. I would like some info on the duration of the batt charge and the propellers used.

One question; like another Tutor built by a friend here in Mexico, the covering appears to sag a little too deep between ribs -too spaced, or too few ribs?- (or maybe I've been influenced by looking at my friend's plane, where one wing shows much more sag between ribs than the other; and that was BECAUSE he used Coverlite and installed it with the grain CHORDWISE in that wing instead of lenghtwise).
I don't know if the covering you used has unequal shrink across and along the lenght of the roll, but 'Coverlite' definitely does. (even some old Monokote appears to show some degree of "grain", at least I have one plane where the covering sags more on the underside of the simmetrical profile wing than on the upper side, and I may have placed the Monokote crossed)

... Have you checked different coverings to see this phenomena? (I guess maybe one could draw a circle on some covering with a pen, put it in a soft balsa frame and shrink it, to see if the circle becomes an ellipse, and in which direction).
Best Regards and please keep the good work up!
Long Island NY
Posted:May 19th, 2008
4.29 PM
Great site for building a "Tutor", I wish I had read it before building mine!
I made some of the mods using thicker 1/4 X 1/8 inch balsa after having the covering bow the vertical and horizontal stab. Cut away all or most of the covering where the parts are glued together, instead of trying to just poke some holes.
My recommendations are to use the aileron instructions for the servo; it will make the opposite aileron deflect up much higher which will help the turn be more coordinated! Also I used a brushless motor CM2042 from castle creations with 6.73:1 gear ratio (Cobri gear box and mount) and 10X4.7 prop with a 2-cell lipo great performance, with 3cell lipo it will climb straight up. Blue Skies!

Posted:July 11th, 2006
11.18 PM
The Tudor looks great. Your changes & comments will help everyone building it or deciding to buy it. Pictures & video are excellent. Thanks Paul... Gary

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