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DoodleBug 580F

November 08, 2007

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Southern California
Posted:April 9th, 2008
4.39 PM
Hello Mr. Paul K. Johnson:

Thank you very much for providing the most interesting and most informative model-building web site on the Internet.

As you requested comments for items that may be faulty of your web site, I managed to locate this one. I was interested in your version of the "Wild Bill" Netzband "Doodlebug" however, the link you provided
(, as kitted by Control-Line-Models and owned by John Lowry in Oklahoma) did not present the necessary information (perhaps the related site is now owned/run by a different person?).

I searched the web for information on the "Doodlebug" and was able to communicate with both John Lowry (kit and plans) and Peter White (plans only, but Peter is located in Australia). Both of these fine folks returned my request for
information as detailed below:

Hi Ivan:
The Doodlebug 168 kit (for .049 size engines) is $30.00; the Doodlebug 440 kit (for .25 size engines) is $60.00; and the Doodlebug 580 kit (for .40 size engines) is just $75.00. All kits are plus postage.

I don't normally sell plans for the Doodlebugs as I am NOT the designer; however, if you want the plan first, then it
will be $20.00 and I will send the kit when the balance is paid.

The Doodlebug 168 kit is in stock and the Doodlebug 440 kit will be in stock before May 2008. The Doodlebug 580 kit will be available about June 2008.

I hope to hear from you soon, John Lowry (Email:

Hi Ivan:
Thank you for the enquiry. Yes, the Doodlebug plan is available, and the cost is $15.00 Australian. Can't tell from your address whether you are in Australia or overseas. Postage in Australia will be $5.00, and overseas by airmail will be about $12.00.

The Doodlebug plan is for the 42-inch, .40-powered version which, I think, is the large one. I seem to recall the magazine article mentioning that it could be scaled down to a couple of other given sizes. I don't have a copy of the magazine article, so can't give any better details than that. Hope that's of help to you.

Regards, Peter White (Email:
 Mike Phillips
Spring Hill, Florida
Posted:July 9th, 2006
10.21 AM
Hi Paul,
As a part of the build pictures, I think it would be interesting to see the crates you make and how the model is prepared for shipping.

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