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Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2

November 08, 2007

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This page has 5 comments.

Posted:April 24th, 2010
10.01 PM
que bueno tu articulo, esta fenomenal y muy ilustrativo.
Gracias por su tiempo.
Posted:April 9th, 2008
11.53 AM
Bloody marvellous article!! I have just purchased the kit and., once I opened the box, the whole thing looked a little daunting for a numpty novice ike me. I stumbled upon your article, went through the whole thing and now, whilst it may well take me more time to assemble than just a day, the fact is the whole assembly process has come to life. Well done! Really
Posted:September 18th, 2006
11.05 PM
wonderfull and helpful guide!!! is detailed. congratulations for this page.
Posted:September 12th, 2006
9.26 AM
Wonderfully detailed and helpful guide to building the Raptor 30 V2. People would pay money for this !
Posted:August 27th, 2006
9.10 AM
I have just purchased a second hand Raptor and the article and pictures are excellent.

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