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Graupner Mini - Balsa Free Flight Glider

November 08, 2007

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Posted:March 26th, 2006
10.21 PM
You did a nice job on the Graupner Mini, especially since their glider kits are mediocre, to say the least. I purchased the Graupner Slipper glider kit, and was astonished at how heavy the wood was. Finished the glider weighed an unbelievable 60 grams, 20 grams heavier than stated on the brochure. I ended up junking the fuse/tailboom, and the outer parts of the wing. I added lightweight balsa wingtips, and a graphite tailboom. I ended up with a super glider that only weighed 28 grams. I emailed Graupner to tell them what I thought of their kits.
They did not reply. Althought I have only been building for about 14 months, in that time I have built 60 gliders, all of my own design. My building technique still needs work, but they all fly. About 50 percent of them fly well, and I have a handful that have exceeded 60 sec. several times. I have lost 4 oos, and have torn the wings off 4 more while launching. Although I throw quite hard, I think the wings of those gliders were a little thin. Most of them I dope bright colours, so they may be found more easily. I have some photos if anyone's interested. I'm having a ball, and only wish I had discovered this hobby earlier in life.
George Clarke

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