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Is Model-Building Becoming a Dying Art Form?

November 08, 2007

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 TJ Rohyans
Mobile, AL
Posted:February 27th, 2009
10.18 AM
I've begun reading your articles about why you are a model builder/artist. While I've been building models from kit form for several years, and have also assembled a few ARF's, I feel I still have a lot to learn in the way of craftsmanship to consider myself a true model builder/artist. Your website gets a lot of praise on a few of the RC Forums, which is where I first found it. I want to extend my gratitude to you for your endeavor in creating and maintaining this site. Oh, and stroke Wermacht under the chin a few times for me. Thanks, TJ.
barcelona spain
Posted:April 12th, 2005
1.47 PM
I don't build model planes, or any any other type of models, my hobbies are building electronic gizmos, hi-fi systems and working on older wooden boats. I do however agree with your comments as to what will keep your, and my, hobbies alive. Those that merely want to posess something will come up with the money to do so. My and it would seem your interests are creating something in a way that reflects something about ourselves. When I build a device I am always aware of how it will look as well as how it can be built to perform best. I want that device to demonstrate my skills from a metalworking, woodworking or whatever aspect.

There are a core of people, whatever their hobby, that are not interested in the acquisitive urge that seems so prevelant in our societies but understand the pleasure that comes from the creative process.

Good luck to you and those like you in whatever their interests might be.
Posted:December 12th, 2004
9.34 AM
I agree with yur article,I have always built my own from control line to cars and trucks to radio control.I recently bought an ARF and was very very disappointed.Even after sending it back to get a new one,after rebuilding that one I should have built from the start.I know there are some good ones out there but you have to look around.I feel everyone getting into this hobby should a least build one,so they at the very least know their way around the workings of itand if they need to rebuild form a crash or whatever they have a liitle know how.

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