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November 08, 2007

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Posted:September 14th, 2017
1.09 PM
All the bad stuff is so fine it gets through the filter. Buy a second hose and fit it to the blow hole. Stick the other end through a hole in your shop wall not too near a window.
That way no gasping for air in old age
Fort Belvoir
Posted:April 30th, 2013
2.55 PM
I would agree with a lot of these comments, although I also do a lot of park flying with park fliers, I only do it when there are not others around to get in my flight line.
Going to parks and flying responsibly is a great way to introduce others to the hobby.
I have gone several times with my buddy box and foam trainer and buddy boxed others, as well as my family.
Posted:February 25th, 2007
9.23 PM
Building my models I always at some point have to solder.
Most of the time I sand down excess solder and end up with
highly poisonous solder dust. Solder contains a lot of
lead which is a potent neurological toxin. I recommend
using extreme care handlig solder dust.
I am sure that most people already know this, but
nevertheless it's something I would like remind. As a
teenager I did a lot of soldering in my hobbies and wasn't
all that careful because I didn't know better.
Genoa, NV
Posted:January 14th, 2007
5.53 AM
Safety Glasses can not be understated. My 16 year old grandson started on his kit last month. After lecturing him about power tool safety and safety glasses, he proceds to open a bottle of CA glue and squrt glue into his eye. He learned with no harm to his eye. (this time.)
Fort Worth, TX
Posted:February 15th, 2006
12.16 PM
Thank you for writing this article. Despite its serious nature, you still managed to make it a fun read.

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