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Propellers for Model Aircraft Engines

November 08, 2007

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Ontario, Canada
Posted:February 15th, 2012
6.31 PM
I like your site. There is a lot of good reference. I don't agree with your propellor advice to sand off the sharp trailing edge to avoid cutting your fingers. You are changing the airfoil and inducing turbulence and drag. Just recommend that the flash is removed (smoothed with 400 grit paper) and always use a chicken stick or electric starter.
 Adam Kayler
Cape Coral, Florida
Posted:March 16th, 2008
5.35 PM
I desire to create a very powerful wind tunnel which will pull an incredible amount of air through a 2 inch hose 300 ft long. At this time, I have a 10 inch diameter pipe which I plan on mounting an airplane prop which could turn 9000 rpm. This prop will be pulling air from an enclosed steel box 4 ft high by 4 ft wide by 2 ft deep. I plan on using a 10 airplane propeller. Should I use more than a straight 2 blade and what pitch? Thank you for your help.


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