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Radio Control Training Aircraft

November 08, 2007

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This page has 3 comments.

irving tx 75061
Posted:August 10th, 2007
8.25 PM
The article was right on target. I started building CL then FF, and finally radio control. I think it give you a better under standing of the aerodynamics of your airplane, and might help you out of some trouble while you are up in the wild blue yonder. The more you know the better builder, and pilot you will become.
Houston, TX
Posted:July 9th, 2007
3.08 PM
I truly believe you are correct and I totally agree with you about the three airplane process. I went through one and two trainers, then I jumped into aerobatics just to crash my airplane in its 20th flight. After going through the lessons learned process, I found the problem was the need of a third type of trainer. After careful analysis, I selected and built a G.P. Dazzler. After 100+ flights I can say that I am a better pilot and am ready for my next airplane. With the Dazzler, I was able to see my progress and confidence improve in every session.
Iraq at the moment
Posted:June 11th, 2006
7.09 PM
This is the first time that I have seen the prograssion outlined from start to intermediate. Cheers.

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