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Magnetic Fixture System 1 to System 2 Conversion

May 11, 2011

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Airfield Models ( System I to System II Fixture Set Conversions

If you purchased a set of my original fixtures and would like to have the functionality of the new system then your fixtures can be converted.

Partial Conversion

A partial conversion consists of drilling the hole pattern in all fixtures.  This results in a hybrid fixture that can use your existing vertical presses and also mount the new vertical presses, press bridges and other accessories.

Your set will retain the same quantity of each fixture size.

Full Conversion

A full conversion drills the hole pattern and cuts the fixture one size smaller to remove the slot.  The back of the fixture is also re-cut.  Your old vertical presses will no longer be compatible with the converted fixtures.

With a full conversion your set will become shorter overall.  The following table illustrates a full conversion of the Small/Medium fixture set from the original system to System II.

Small/Medium Fixture Set Original Quantities Quantities after Full Conversion
1-1/2" 4 8
2-1/2" 4 4
3-1/2" 4 4
5-1/2" 4 2
7-1/2" 2 0

As you can see you don't actually lose any fixtures with a full conversion.  All fixtures having a notch go down one size so you gain more 1-1/2" fixtures and lose the tallest fixtures in the set.

Replacement items purchased with full conversion are discounted 33%.  Additional fixtures and vertical presses purchased are discounted 15%.

In this example the discount would apply to (2) 7-1/2" fixtures, (2) 5-1/2" fixtures and (4) Vertical Presses.

Fixtures and Vertical Presses purchased with a Partial Conversion are discounted 15%.


Fixture Conversion Options

Partial Conversion of 9-1/2" Fixture from System I to System II

Partial Conversion

A 9-1/2" Fixture before and after a Partial Conversion.  The only work done is drilling the new hole pattern.

A partial conversion allows you to continue using your existing vertical presses.

This hybrid really bugs my OCD so I won't do this to my set but I'll convert yours if this is what you want.

Large View

Full Conversion of 9-1/2" Fixture from System I to System II

Full Conversion

A 9-1/2" Fixture before and after a Full Conversion.  The hole pattern is drilled and the fixture top and back is cut to remove the notch for the old style vertical press.  The result is a System II 7-1/2" fixture.

Large View


Conversion Pricing

Prices do not include shipping.  If you want your fixtures converted and you can't make heads or tails of the pricing chart, just send me an e-mail telling me what you've got and what you want converted.

Fixture Set Conversions Partial Conversion Only Full Conversion Only Partial Conversion with
Vertical Presses
Full Conversion with
Replacement Vertical Presses
Full Conversion with
Replacement Fixtures
Full Conversion with
Replacement Fixtures
and Vertical Presses
Small/Medium $9.75 $13.00 $30.25 $33.25 $41.25 $57.25
Standard $15.25 $19.00 $56.00 $59.75 $54.50 $86.50
Large $22.00 $26.50 $63.00 $67.25 $70.50 $102.50
Giant $35.25 $40.00 $86.25 $91.00 $109.00 $149.00
Monster $45.00 $49.75 $96.00 $100.75 $101.00 $141.00
Full-Range $45.00 $51.00 $106.00 $112.25 $103.75 $151.75
Large Full-Range $67.25 $76.50 $149.00 $158.00 $155.50 $219.50
  • Please disassemble your fixtures before shipping them.  There is a $2.00 per fixture charge for disassembly.  Fixtures will be returned disassembled.

  • Ship only the fixtures.  No other items from the set are needed.

  • There is an approximate 1 week turn-around on fixture conversions.

  • Accidents Happen: So there I am happily catering to one of my excellent customer's desires by converting one of his fixtures to System II specs when suddenly the fixture slips from my hand and is thrown by the table saw through the museum scale model aircraft that I've been working on for six years and is only days from completion which it punches through before sailing into an antique stained glass window and shatters it into billions of tiny shards.

    Obviously the customer should be responsible for all damage to my shop but I'll be the bigger person and forgive the entire incident and replace the damaged fixture at no charge.  He's still paying for return shipping though.

  • Domestic shipping for any set having fixtures up to 11-1/2" is $10.95.  International shipping: $45.50.

  • Domestic shipping for sets having taller fixtures is $14.95.

  • If you pay by credit card through Google Checkout you will not be billed until the conversion is complete and ready to ship back to you.



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