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Repairing Thwing!

May 03, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Thwing!

This is the fifth part of an article describing the repair of Thwing! due to damage caused when the motor came loose from its mount in flight.

It is always a good feeling when you get to this point of a repair.  The end is in sight and the hardest parts are over unless you're repairing a scale model that has rivets and panel lines.

I don't even want to think about trying to repair stuff like that.

Trim the covering back neatly in preparation for new covering. In order to prevent the model from looking patched, I removed covering symmetrically from both sides of the wing.

Originally I planned to make the area orange again, but I did not have enough left for the repair.

New covering is added. I used leftover red and blue instead.  There's still something missing though...
New covering is added to the battery/receiver hatch to match the wing. Much better!  Time to repair the cowl.
The darker covering hides the repair better than the original color would have. The blue does a better job of hiding the repair than the orange would.  It's not invisible, but it's not immediately noticeable either.


Repairing Thwing!'s Sheeting and Lattice Work
Repairing Thwing!'s Cowling

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